Codes of Conduct

Canons Brook Golf Club is committed to providing an environment that is free of harassment with respect to any employee and member of the golf club. Members, guests and visitors are all reminded that an acceptable standard of behaviour must be maintained at all times, both on the course, within the clubhouse, car park and surrounding areas.

On the course - All golfers must adhere to the dress code and local rules of the course. Demonstrate fair play both on and off the course and are able to participate without fear of ridicule. Follow established golf etiquette at all times respecting the course, such as; repairing pitch marks, replacing divots, raking bunkers etc., and adhering to things such as keeping play moving by waving the following group through when searching for lost balls and maintaining the speed of play by keeping up with the group in front, there are also important behavioural rules that must be followed. This includes showing the necessary respect to fellow golfers at all times, which incorporates; no shouting on the course, no misuse of equipment (i.e. throwing clubs in frustration etc.), no aggressive behaviour, or the taking of performance enhancing drugs. This will not be tolerated and any reports of such will be thoroughly investigated as appropriate.

In the clubhouse - Members, guests and visitors are reminded not to engage in any form of sexual, racial, religious discrimination or harassment. The use of foul or abusive language such as swearing has no place in the clubhouse and any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language will be asked to either stop or leave the premises. Where someone is observed consistently using bad language after being warned then their continued membership will be reviewed accordingly.
Whilst fully acknowledging that adult banter contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere amongst members, these rules are to safeguard others who should not have to hear language that they would not personally use or make people feel uncomfortable. It can be viewed as intimidating and aggressive which could discourage usage of the bar/lounge areas by many members. The taking of illegal substances will carry an automatic ban. No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse or the use of e-cigarettes. Mobile telephones must be switched on to silent, the making or receiving of phone calls using mobile telephones. Devices is prohibited in the clubhouse and on the course except for Emergency Use. They may only be used outside the clubhouse and in the car park.

This Code of Conduct is not intended to create a bureaucratic, regulatory environment, but rather to promote and enhance our club values. It also has allowed to retain its sporting values despite becoming a multi-million pound global industry.

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